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Mercury retrograde in Taurus

Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on 17th/18th April 2010 until 11th May 2010. There are approximately 3 retrogrades every year, in a different sign which occur for around 3 weeks each time. The sphere of the influence of the retrograde motion of Mercury starts a few days before the date it moves into retrograde position and ends a few days after the retrograde mission ends. Retrograde means it appears that Mercury is moving in a backward motion, but it actually isnt.

Right now, Mercury is going retrograde in Taurus, which means Taureans and those with Taurus in prominent parts of their chart (including midheaven) may feel it the worst. Librans and those with Libra in prominent parts of their chart may also feel it, but not as much as the Taureans. Everyone else will feel it to some extent.

What happens during a Mercury retrograde?

Mercury is the planet of communication of all types (written, verbal), travel information, information in general and technology (new meaning). This means, any type of communications may give rise to misunderstandings, and missed information. In terms of technology, it can cause files to be lost, mislaid or destroyed (computer) or even working on something that turns out to be a complete waste of time. Plans can be waylaid, directions are not easily understood and travel can become an issue with postponements and delays.

What should you do during a mercury retrograde?

Basically sit tight and if something goes awry, take a deep breath, dont panic and think analytically and strategically about your options. For example, if you lose a file in your computer, there are ways to find it (in virtual memory) so you just need to go through your options to undo what just happened. If there are delays with your flights/trains etc, you either need to make alternate arrangements or wait (like so many people are having to do right now with the volcano issue in Iceland causing flight havoc).

In addition, because this is a retrograde in Taurus (which is not a friend of Mercury’s), any legal contracts that need to be signed right now should be really looked over with a fine eye, to minute detail because there could be something in there that may not be so good and negotiations need to go ahead to make the contracts more to your requirements. Best scenario, avoid signing any contracts right because even if you look through them to the minutae, you still may miss something. Get someone else to help you look at the contract or any other legal stuff. If you are offered something (money, possessions, etc), ask for it to be deferred until a few weeks time (stall it), because this is not the most opportune time to get the best deal.

This is a time to site back, relax and expect delays and obstacles to occur, as well as things taking longer than normal. Just go over your plans for the year, take some time to do some introspective thinking and dont let things get to you hat much. Taureans especially need to take it easy.

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  • Thanks for explaining why things are the way they are at the moment! Now I understand!!

  • Who do I contact about buying some ad space on this site? Maybe like a banner on either the header or footer. Please let me know. Great site by the way. Thanks!

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