Cusp Signs

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Something for the cusp signs, which you may not know.

The dates for the start/end of the star signs you see in magazines are just averages! That is why in some magazines you see one date for the start or end of one sign and in another magazine it could be completely different!

What happens every year, is that the start/end dates of the signs are different from each other and what modern astrology has done is to average it out to show the most common start/end dates.

This means, if you are born right on the cusp, you need to check out a chart calculating tool to find what star sign you actually are, because you could have been thinking you were a Cancer say, but you actually are a Gemini or vice versa.  This applies for any of the cusp signs – if you are born on or around the day of change-over from one sign to the next, you could have thought you were one sign, but you are actually the other sign.

Now for those people who think they have elements of both, that is because you probably have the other sign somewhere prominent in your chart – in one of your personal planets (such as Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars).

That is how astrology works.

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