Mercury moves into Gemini

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On 10 June 2010, Mercury moves into chatty, restless Gemini. As Mercury rules Gemini, this is one of the best placements for Mercury. Mercury will stay in Gemini until 25 June 2010.

Mercury is the planet of communication, wit, charm, nervous energy and lack of focus. Geminis are better at knowing a little about many different subjects, rather than knowing a lot about on particular subject.

This means, during this transit, there will be less in-depth focus on anything, it will be more about skimming the surface and discovering a little bit about many things. At least it will be interesting, a great way to keep your mind active and curious.

In order to get the best out of this tranist, it will be beneficial to take stock of everything as a whole and even use lists to itemise everything that you need to do, otherwise you may overlook important tasks quite easily.

On 10 June, at the start of the transit, Mercury forms a sextile (positive angle of 60 degrees) to both eccentric Uranus and lucky Jupiter. This what provides a great day, full of exciting and very enthusiastic thoughts, as so many possibilities become more transparent to you.  Wait until 12 June to put any of these plans into action, when Mercury squares Mars in Virgo, as this will provide more grounded and realistic ways to get going. In addition, while there may be some opposition and some loved ones may not support your plans, but don’t take this as a personal attack. instead, use their opinions to solidify exactly what your plans entail and how they can be improved to best effect. Always take the positive out of any negative, use the challenges that are presented to you as a way to move forward.

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