Venus moves in fun-loving Leo

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Venus moves into fun-loving and socially active Leo on 14 June and will stay there until 9 July 2010.

Venus in Leo brings a time for socialising, romance, fun, excitement, partying, intense and heartwarming activities to share with other people and to be surrounded by lots of other people.  Since Leo is very open and forward, this can help to give you the courage you need to ask that person you fancy out on a date, or even for just a coffee or drink somewhere. The previous influence of Venus in Cancer (and any associated shyness or reservation) has been swept aside with Venus’ transit in Leo.  Use Leo’s energy to give you the impetus to be brave and ask that person out. This transit gives everyone more loving, generous feelings so it may just surprise you when they say yes.

Venus in Leo forms a trine to eccentric Uranus, which is the planet of unexpected possibilities, on 14 June. Uranus is a planet that doesn’t want to be restricted in any way, shape or form and has no thought to society’s rule, so this trine on this day will provide you with more forward-thinking thought about yourself and your life. If you are already in a relationship, it will provide you both with new ideas and new ways to make your relationship feel exciting again, especially if it has become a bit boring. Even if it hasn’t become boring, this transit will make your minds more open to new ideas and new ways of doing things that provide you with more excitement. Single people have an opportunity to meet someone new in unusual circumstances or to meet someone who is very different/eccentric to anyone else you know.

Venus in Leo also forms a trine to Jupiter on 15 June, which provides a day of loveliness and great luck. You may be feeling much more positive and happier, more inclined to see the good in everything and everyone. What a lovely day.

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