Sun enters nurturer Cancer

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On 21 June, the day of the winter or summer solstice, depending on whether you live in the southern or northern hemisphere, the Sun enters Cancer.

Cancer is the sign of the crab and rules the home, family and security.  People with Cancer prominent in their chart are most comfortable in their own familiar surroundings with those they love.

During this comfort-seeking Cancer transit, is the time to seek out those loved ones (partner, family or close friends) who are far away from you – call them, send them emails or even a gift, to let them know you are thinking about them. It’s a time to open your heart and have a bit more compassion for other people, especially with those who you have had a falling out with. Take time to spend wth loved ones if they are close by – your partner, family or close friends. Enjoy the security of knowing they are there to support you, just as you are there to support them too. Take this time to bond emotionally.

In addition to the Sun’s transit into Cancer, there are some other major influences happening right now:

21 June – Sun in Cancer squares Uranus

This aspect marks a day of changes and the unexpected to disrupt your day. Allow yourself to go with the changing flow and be led into new and exciting directions.

23 June – Sun squares Jupiter

The square between the Sun and Jupiter may give you some rather outlandish and unrealistic ideas that you cant possibly put into action – but you may actually think you can. Just be open to the truth of any situation you’re in and it will benefit you greatly in the long run.

25 June – Sun opposes Pluto

Intense interpersonal interactions abound with this transit.  Be prepared to stand up for your rights if you need to, but dont be overbearing and arrogant as that could present more trouble than it’s worth.  Another influence of this transit a change in any part of your life that is not good for you. If you have been allowing the status quo to stand on a situation (be it a job, relationship, home, whatever), Pluto will shake you until you make a decision to do something about it. While you may not enjoy the changes as they occur, you will benefit from the eventual outcome. Change is good, especially when it brings about better circumstances than existed before.

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